My name is Yanna, I was born in Russia in 1977 and grew up in Israel since I was 3 years old.

I have been always asking myself the “big” questions: who am I? why are we here? Where are we coming from? and more… Those questions were the ones that directed my life and took me deep within. As I was naturally drown to live from my heart and passion I went to learn more about myself through studying art and the philosophy of art in the university, hopefully to discover new secrets about life.

I had no spiritual background, but I had me, who felt and sensed always there is something more than just surviving on earth and that strong feeling kept me on going and searching and trusting what I knew as the truth inside of me.

At the age of 24 I had a “sudden” amazing awakening,  which opened me up to so many layers and dimensions in me, that were covered by fear and different believe systems. That event that lasted for about 3 weeks, where I had been in touch with my spirit guides, the voice of my love (my soul) my different capabilities, and I knew that my life would never be the same again.

One year later, in 2002, I met the Crimson Circle, which felt like a great and amazing part of me. My real and true essence and wisdom were there as well and the love and the recognition in the Shouds were like coming home to me, something I did not encounter before with any other book, channel or information. It reminded me of who I am : My most passionate and intimate connection with myself and my true passion as a teacher on earth.

In my discoveries and my willingness to go on with my journey within, I followed the SES course, at the year of 2007, which reviled for me so many hidden old parts and games I was still playing with. With discovering that, I also knew it was time for me to step forward as a teacher of self love and balance, and to let go of the abuse and so I became a shaumbra institute teacher. After that the ascension school followed and became one of my favorite schools, I started to teach it as well. All the information of the CC schools and shouds became part of me and my teachings. Together with the “new breath” of Norma and Garret which I know for several years as well, it provided me with the most practical, essential and precious tools that are all coming from me, to be the teacher and self lover that I am now.

I discovered that the love for me is with my soul, and the stillness I found in me is the biggest gift I had ever gave to myself. This is the love and compassion that refuses to see any human as broken or incomplete, but as an amazing divine human god that is walking on earth. With that my work as a facilitator and teacher became real.

One of the other true passions I have is music, especially new energy music. I started playing on the piano when I was 9 years old until I became 18.  Then I played sometimes for myself but not much at all and only classical music as I learned. In the last 3 years I came back to playing in a completely different way, I realized my talent as a composer, something I did not know about before, and I started to create music from inspiration in the now moment. No notes were needed and no drafts, I just sit and play what is in my heart. That became a very significant tool for the flow of energies of my divine to come into me. For the last 3 years I have been facilitating with the piano combined with my breath in many different workshops and events.

In 2008 I created a project together with other 3 shaumbra  called “ new energy breath ", which opened me up to so much more of me and my talented musical skills. (

For me to be a teacher is not just a topic or a job, but a deep integration of the divine and the soul together in one. This is my true joy and passion for me to feel my own self love, my own stillness and how it’s opens the heart and love of others to truly feel themselves, and to know who they truly are. No matter what circumstances  and conditions they are in, there is always the divine essence within them that can come forward, and now as never before, to proclaim I am that I am.

With much honor and love,

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