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My spiritual journey began in 1997 with Reiki. I had the feeling "now or never", this was for me my "wake-up call". It was a very special time and I wanted to know everything about energy and healing. After my Reiki Mastership I followed a lot of different spiritual workshops to develop myself.
In 2005 Crimson Circle crossed my path; I was interested and started to read the "shouds". This touched me deeply, there was so much love and new ways were shown to support my life. My interest in the New Energy and New Consciousness was awakened. Life becomes simpler, surely not always easy, but knowing the “tools”, it becomes more with ease and Grace.
In March 2007 Crimson Circle came to Amsterdam and that was my first meeting with shaumbra! Adamus Saint-Germain and we all wrote the book: "Masters in the New Energy". When you want to buy this wonderful book, I have some in stock. It's all about being a Master and trust, trust and trust ...
this was for me the essence. Over the years many more events followed.
In April 2013 on Kauai I attended “Quantum Allowing”. It deepened my awareness of my life, of my patterns. Allowing my Divinity to be with me …
I Exist – I Am, nothing else matters … it’s a shift in feeling and consciousness.
I participated in the Ohamah School of Norma Delaney and Garret Annofsky to deepen the conscious breath and feel compassion for all that I Am. It only takes one conscious breath to change my mood when my mind is chattering. Through this breath I feel more alive and in touch with my Soul. Thanks Norma and Garret.
I am a certified teacher in:
* New Breath
* Tobias' Sexual Energy School
* Tobias' Aspectology School
* Adamus Saint-Germains' DreamWalker Birth Transitions School

* Adamus DreamWalker Life School
I love the material of the Crimson Circle; it's clear and helps me understand life in a new way. From a life feeling a victim to a life living in freedom and loving it. Thank you so much Geoffrey and Linda for making this possible and of course the staff working for Crimson Circle and last but in no way least the Crimson CounciI, the loving Angels supporting us in our transition to be authentic and sovereign.
“We are never alone!” A new life possible for each one who chooses it.
Blessings and love,