Years ago Tobias said we’re all teachers. Some teach by example, some by radiance and some feel so passionate about a class that they want to get involved.

If you’re considering becoming certified as a Crimson Circle teacher, here is some useful information. Of course, you must have already attended the class that you’re interested in teaching. You must also have attended the Sexual Energies School, even if that’s not what you’re going to teach. Then, it’s time to find a teacher training, usually offered by our Mentor Teachers, and send in your application.

The training itself has two distinct parts. First, you’ll go through the actual class videos. There will be plenty of discussion about creating the safe space for your students, how the material might impact them, how to deal with situations that might come up and much more. Then, you’ll spend a day going over the business end of things, learning things like how to set up and manage your classes, revenue distribution, attracting students and so on.

If teaching Crimson Circle classes is your calling, you will have the opportunity to share the materials with others and witness the magic of your students’ self-discovery. However, it is not only about teaching. In the process of facilitating each class, you will become more of who you truly are, allowing yourself to integrate even more of your own wisdom and express the beauty of your own Mastery.

To begin the process of becoming a Crimson Circle teacher, please check the teacher training listings or send an email.