Reality landscape. Conscious choice. Belief systems. Do you feel your life is not quite how you would like it to be? Are you willing to see how things got to be the way they are - and then recreate it exactly as you want it?

Adamus Saint-Germain invites you to visit your reality landscape and realize how it has been built with the belief systems (hypnotic overlays) that you have accepted from parents, teachers, preachers and mass consciousness in general.

Since everything is related to everything, how can you go beyond the workings of the mind and regain your status as the Master of your own experience? Synchrotize. Through conscious choice, you can un-hypnotize yourself in order to live a synchronous life, the life of AND as Adamus now describes it.

Take a few days away from your mind-managed routine to reconnect with your awareness, and learn how to create the space to make truly conscious choices. You can even become a facilitator of Synchrotize sessions for others.

NOTE: We don’t suggest taking this class unless your Reality Landscape is ready for real change.


Also available as a downloadable Personal Study Course

Quotes from students:

“I can collaborate with my mind now, instead of fighting it and the old belief systems.”

“New Energy Synchrotize helped me become the Master of my experience. I finally know how to consciously choose what to add into my landscape instead of always trying to fix everything.”

“I have taught my daughters to make conscious choices, really taking a bit of time to feel into it. Then, we have had the chance to observe how those choices bring up fears and issues, and then how they show up in our lives.”

“This is so much fun! I can just invite in a different landscape; I’m not stuck in this one that I learned as a kid.”

"A teacher in high school once told me that I would never succeed with my business idea, and of course I believed him. With the New Energy Synchrotize class I finally un-hypnotized myself from that old believe – and things are already changing. Thank you!”

“This is actually really difficult. I know how to change my reality, but there are so many little things that started popping up to the surface. Like for instance about my looks, that I should be different. Well, I’m glad it’s all out in the open now. I have a chance to just let these just disappear from my reality landscape!”

“New Energy Synchrotize is full of handy tools for any Master. I recommend it.”

“Consciousness – my consciousness – really is everything. Mass consciousness is not, but what a strong pull! I have to remind myself daily, but this class helped a lot.”