You’ve made the commitment. You’ve awakened yourself, accepted who you are and now you’re ready to live! It’s time to open up to life as a Master. Discover the joys of being human, the challenges of being divine (on Earth) and the magic of allowing.

Are you interested in living a synchronistic and multidimensional life, full of celebration and transformation? DreamWalker Life will give you a jumpstart on living as a Master on Earth. Adamus talks about why you waited until now and offers an intense experience in the crystal flame of transfiguration.

Or maybe you are feeling a bit exhausted by the challenges of enlightenment and need some service maintenance. This workshop also provides the perfect space to refresh yourself and re-experience the joy of creating.

The entire class is very experiential, filled with merabhs, inner journeys and even a taste of Quantum Allowing. And it’s all accompanied by the inspired music of Yoham - Amir Yakobi, Gerhard Fankhauser and Einat Gilboa. What a beautiful opportunity to finally and truly relax into your enlightenment*.

*“Relax into your enlightenment” is our Crimson Circle motto.


Quotes from students:

"For me it was almost a spa-like experience. I loved gathering with Shaumbra and dedicating a few days to refresh and remember that all is well.”

“In the DreamWalks I reconnected with my creator self, diving into the painting of my life. Amazing!”

“It was a huge relief to allow the cold flame to take care of all my human issues.”

“This is it! Life, LIFE! I just want to live so much!”

“I was pretty tired before this school. So much going on, all these life changes just draining me. Now, I feel refreshed, like a new page. Like I can just allow these changes.”

“I get it now, this allowing and relaxing stuff. I’d been trying so hard to live like a Master (I thought it meant being perfect). Ha, now I really understand what it means to be a Master.”

“No more. Really, no more of all that ‘just human’ life. It’s just too limiting!”

“I loved the the musical space in this school. Yoham just flowed with me as if they were right there. It was like taking a holiday and sleeping for a whole month!”