Have you ever wondered how you got here? What was the process of incarnating into a physical body before you were actually birthed? According to Adamus, birthing is actually much more difficult than dying. It is the wild ride of a soul infusing itself into physical reality.

In DreamWalker Birth, Adamus Saint-Germain shares with us that coming to Earth can be a conscious choice, rather than a game of chance. Who is joining your family? You can choose! Learn what really goes on in the other realms when a souled being makes the choice to incarnate on Earth. The fascinating journey takes you through angel education and the birthing tube, all the way into a miniature human with incredible things to sense and explore.

DreamWalker Birth provides a whole array of information and tools that will make the birthing journey much easier than what it currently is, releasing many of the modern issues with conception, birth and the first months of life.

This material also provides deep insights into (re)birthing yourself. At a deep cellular level you are truly becoming a new being, even though it might feel like you’re dying. A thorough understanding of the birth transition process – and of the death process – will greatly facilitate and ease your transformation.

DreamWalker Birth is also used for training spiritual birth assistants or, as Adamus calls them, Adoulas. These facilitators guide the family through the birthing process, enabling sweet, exciting moments of connecting with the future baby. If you want to bring in a child but it all feels like just a bit too much or if you’d like the luxury of a personal spiritual assistant, just hire an Adoula.


• Find an Adoula [www.adoulas.org]

Quotes from students:

“After two really difficult pregnancies, I was dreading my third. But instead, I was thrilled to actually enjoy it! I felt so safe with my Adoula. The whole experience was magical. If I ever have another baby, this is the only way to do it.”

“Who needs pain medication when birthing can be such a beautiful experience. I was fully present and active throughout the entire delivery, and was up and feeling great within hours!”

“This baby is so loved, and I believe she feels welcome in our family. She has these huge sparkling eyes; she is a crystal. We chose to have a crystal.”

“I don’t have children, but I always had this bad dream about my own birth, like it was the biggest mistake of my life. I felt a lot of shame about it. Now I understand it was just fear of coming back for another lifetime. But I made it and I’m so glad I stayed, because this is my lifetime to realize me!”