If you found your way here, you’ve probably lived a lot of lifetimes on Earth. What if this is your last one? That’s a pretty big question… Another one is the question that started it all: "Who am I?" Everything that’s happened since that moment has brought you a piece of the answer. Now it’s time to bring it all together.

In DreamWalker Ascension, Adamus Saint-Germain tells the story of his own ascension. The most important part of it was bringing home all the parts and pieces of himself that had been out searching, exploring and experiencing. Integrating all his aspects is what allowed him to become the Grand Ascended Master that he is today.

This class offers an opportunity to make some deep choices. Many attendees say the effects of these choices have had far-reaching results. If you’ve ever wondered about ascension – what it is, when it will happen, why it’s such a hot topic, whether you’re ready – this class is for you.


Quotes from students:

“I’m just so ready now. This IS my last lifetime and I want to celebrate!”

“It was pretty eye-opening… I always thought ascension was for some really advanced, zen types who have done all the workshops, the special ones. But now I know it’s for me. I’m ready.”

“I always wanted to hear the story of Saint-Germain’s ascension. Wow, I loved it! He is such a cool dude.”

“I was so touched by the whole School, this is it!”

“The choices I made at this School – they have all come true!”