When you’re ready to immerse deeper into self love, awareness and creativity; when you’re ready to explore the joy of life, the adventure beyond death and the passion of the soul, this is the place to be.

Advanced Studies are not really as scholarly as the title sounds. They are workshops designed to enrich your life and bring you ever closer to your Self and realization. Each class is an opportunity to gather with like-minded humans around the world and go through a deeply transformative experience.

These events are beautiful opportunities to devote a few days to in-depth exploration of the different facets of your Self, the I Am. Offered in a safe space shared with kindred spirits, each workshop is less about what you will learn and more about what you can experience.

The certified teachers who offer these classes are the most passionate and dedicated Shaumbra you’ll meet. They strive to live what they teach, while creating a safe space for your transformation and rejuvenation. We’re happy to say that these classes are offered in many different languages, so you’re sure to find the one you’re ready for.

Over the years, the Advanced Studies classes have received notable ratings in the surveys sent in by graduates. In fact, over 2/3 of all attendees rate the classes as “Life Changing” and nearly 1/3 rate them as “Very Good.”