This is the history of creation, the one you’ve been trying to remember; it is the story that sets you free. Forget about sin and punishment and falling from grace. Those are human explanations for what we couldn’t quite remember – the most amazing journey of all.

Journey of the Angels is the story of creation and how we got here to Planet Earth. It’s not like any other story you’ve heard about creation. It starts at Home, and then takes you through a series of discoveries and ventures leading to the Wall of Fire. It’s a metaphor for saying that at some point you left “All That Is” and ventured into the Void, where even Spirit had not gone.

The story continues to the first moment of pure awareness outside of Home: I Exist.  And from there… Well, we won’t ruin the rest of the story, but you eventually come to what is called the Fruit of the Rose, the moment of remembering and allowing Home to come to you.

If you’ve ever wondered about how everything came into being and how you came to be in the midst of it, spend a few days in this life-and-perception-changing class called Journey of the Angels. Then you’ll understand what Tobias meant when he said… “Home Comes to You.”


Quotes from students:

“The story helped me to understand why we are here on Earth, bringing a lot of honor to the human experience. I feel like I can finally relax.”

“It gave me compassion and understanding for our human journey, which helps me see humanity with different eyes.”

“Oh, chills! I remember so much…”

"This is so much better than the religious creation stories or even scientific theories. Just feel it, you’ll know it’s true.”

“The entire creation of Earth in this short School. Wow. And so many incredibly curious details (like why we chose apes, not birds) about how it all came to be. It was never a topic I thought much about, but it added something truly essential to how I see life and birth and death and why I’m here.”

“The vastness blew me away. That, and realizing I have such an integral part to play in this whole creation and universe. I am meaningful in it…you can’t put a price on that.” “It makes sense to me now, the fascination I’ve had around Atlantis.