Awakening Zone

Attend Workshops from the Comfort of Your Home
High Quality Presentations at a Fraction of the Usual Cost
Material Made Available in Video, Audio and Text Formats
Inspiring Messages – Available 24/7
Large Variety of Empowering Spiritual Material
Enlightening Information from Around the World
The Awakening Zone Academy (AZA) offers the latest in-depth spiritual information and tools for living as embodied masters in the New Energy. Noted teachers and messengers from around the world lead courses and discussions within the safe, transformational space of the Academy. 
Awakening Zone Radio is your all-in-one source for practical and empowering spiritual information and insight. With top quality channelings, fascinating interviews about important topics, and presentations in more than 15 languages – all offered absolutely free of charge – the Awakening Zone Radio Network is an incredible resource to support your spiritual awakening.