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Audio/Video Help

Many of the channeled sessions have been recorded live and encoded in the RealAudio format.  This format provides high quality audio while reducing the amount of data that needs to be saved and transmitted over the Internet.   Listening to the audio and feeling the energy is the next best thing to experiencing a live channel.

  • System Requirements
  • RealPlayer software
  • MP3 Files and Players
  • Podcast
  • Listen
  • Download
  • Live Webcast
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Making CDs
  • For More Help

System Requirements

The basic requirements for listening to the audio recordings are a computer (or other web device)  with sound capability and a version of RealPlayer software. The computer will need some type of sound card and speakers.  If the computer has a CD-player and you can play audio CDs, or if you play video games and hear the sound effects, then you probably have the necessary hardware.  A version of RealPlayer software can be downloaded and installed for free (see below).

RealPlayer Software

A free version of RealPlayer software can be downloaded from: http://www.real.com/ Look for the "Free RealPlayer" link for a free version of the software. Just click the link and follow the instructions to start the free download.  You do not have to buy anything.

If your computer is memory challenged, your connection speed to the Internet is very slow, or your system does not meet the requirements for the latest version of RealPlayer, you will want to choose a previous version.  Previous versions of RealPlayer can be found by clicking the "System Requirements" link and then the "previous player versions" link.  Then just follow the instructions and select the version of RealPlayer that is appropriate for your system. You only need to download and install the minimum, basic version of RealPlayer. Any additional or optional software is not necessary for playing the audio.

After downloading RealPlayer, your browser or download program will probably ask if you want to install it. You can install RealPlayer now or find the file that was downloaded and just click it to start the installation.  After the installation has finished, there should be a RealPlayer icon on the desktop or task bar, and an entry in the Start menu under Programs. Clicking the icon will start RealPlayer, if everything is working properly.  You are now ready to listen to the audio/video broadcast or download an audio file and play it on your computer.

MP3 Files and Players

Even though the RealAudio format is generally not compatible with MP3 players, the latest (Windows only) version of RealPlayer can download the audio files to many of the popular MP3 players. Another option is to convert the RealAudio format to MP3 with a free program like Switch. Switch is available from http://www.nch.com.au/switch in both Windows and Mac versions.


Podcasts are available for the monthly Crimson Circle News, Channels, and Question and Answer sessions. This is a convenient way to have the latest teachings and CC updates automatically downloaded to your computer when they become available. All that is required is free podcasting software like iTunes (http://www.apple.com), which is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Also, searching the Internet with keywords like "podcast receiver" or "podcast aggregator", will yield other podcast software programs. Many of these will transfer a podcast to an MP3 player. Then, with the podcast program, just subscribe to the podcast URL for the podcasts you want to receive. For iTunes, use the Advanced menu and select "Subscribe to Podcast..." to enter a podcast URL.


The Listen links on the Crimson Circle channel pages stream the audio over the Internet. Clicking this link allows you to hear the audio immediately, but you must remain connected to the Internet.  There is the possibility that the Internet can become very busy and the audio will be interrupted for brief periods.  Also, the listen feature does not save the audio on your computer.

You should be able to left-click the Listen link and have RealPlayer start and play the audio. If the File Download window pops up, select "Open this file from its current location" and click "OK" to start RealPlayer and play the audio. Some versions of Internet Explorer may require the use of the right mouse button to click the Listen link. When the window pops up, select the "Open in New Window" option. Then, select the "Open this file from its current location" option when the File Download window is displayed. Click "OK" and RealPlayer should start and play the audio as it streams over the Internet.  Netscape users should be able to just click the Listen link with the left mouse button and have RealPlayer start and play the audio.


The Download link on the Crimson Circle audio web page allows you to download an audio file and save it on your computer.  Then you can play the audio anytime without being connected to the Internet. Use the right mouse button to click the Download link. When the window pops up, select the "Save Target As..." option (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." option (Netscape) to save the file. The file should be saved with a ".rm" extension.  Internet Explorer will probably change this extension to ".ram" which is not correct.  Downloads of an audio file can take about 20-25 minutes with a 28.8k modem and an Internet that is not too busy. After the file is saved, just click the file name and RealPlayer will start and play the audio.

Live Webcast

To access the live webcast you will need RealPlayer (see above). Windows Media Player will not work. When you click the "Watch Live Video Now" button on the Live Webcast page, RealPlayer will start, connect, load, and start playing the live webcast. If the webcast is not in progress or the data stream becomes disrupted, an error window will display a message about `file not found'. Just close the error window and click the link again or click the play button on RealPlayer to reconnect.

If the Internet is very busy, RealPlayer may stop to "rebuffer", while waiting for more data, before it can resume playing. Also, if Internet conditions deteriorate, RealPlayer can switch to a lower bit rate stream (lower quality signal) and still provide audio. If buffering lasts for more than a few seconds, or the audio becomes distorted or choppy, you can stop RealPlayer and reconnect.

If you click the "Watch Live Video Now" button when there is NOT a live webcast in progress, you will see the error message mentioned above. In rare cases, antivirus and firewall programs may interfere with the streaming data and need to be disabled for the webcast.

Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader is used to view PDF file types like the meeting bulletin and slide files used during the live webcast. To download a free version, go to http://www.adobe.com/ and look for the Get Acrobat Reader link. Click the link, select the free version of Acrobat Reader, and follow the instructions.

Your computer or browser may already have Acrobat Reader installed. To test it, you can click the View links on the Crimson Circle Live Webcast page. If Acrobat Reader is installed and working, a window will open and display the contents of the PDF file.

Making CDs

There are two problems to overcome when making CDs.  Many of the Tobias channels are too long to fit on a single CD and CD burning software does not work with the RealAudio format. You would need special software to convert the RealAudio format to a format the CD burner could use and a way to edit the large audio files to fit on a CD. 

For More Help

Send e-mail with audio questions and problems to John Kuderka: Please provide as much information as possible when experiencing a problem, such as, computer type (PC, Mac, etc.), operating system (Windows 95, 98, 2000, Mac OS, UNIX, etc.), web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, etc.), and a description of the problem. Also, indicate if the problem is with streaming the audio (the Listen link) or downloading the audio file (the Download link) and playing it on a computer.