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"The newest information from Adamus and the Crimson Circle!"

With Adamus Saint-Germain

Adamus is in rare form in the new Consciousness Revolution. This 3-part series, available as a Crimson Circle Cloud Class, offers insights into some of the most profound changes taking place in the planet’s history. It has elements of science fiction, spirituality and physics, all blended together with practical guidance for the viewer.

Adamus begins by asking, “Why are you here?” and, in his typical style, presents a unique and provocative answer. He then launches into discussions about consciousness, dimensionality and the significance of Time. Adamus shares a story from his upcoming book, Memoirs of a Master, talks about the Overlords of Time, and in the final session guides the viewer into a personal experience beyond the limitations of Time. 

With Adamus Saint-Germain

Adamus now invites listeners to come along with him in this profound DreamWalk® to the Crystal Caves. Adamus, the master of inter-dimensional journeys, also cautions that these energies will amplify anything in your life. He invites the listener to make sure you are truly ready for these very potent energies. If you are still playing in self-doubt, aspects that believe in lack or victimhood, or other limiting beliefs, the energies of the crystal caves will greatly magnify what you are choosing. However, if you have released your façades and choose to fully stand in your I Am Presence, the energies from the Crystal Caves will amplify your true creatorship.

The Musical Experience

Amir Yakobi has put the essence of Journey of the Angels to music with a 6-track musical experience that follows our journey from Home, through the Wall of Fire, into the formation of angelic families, through the Order of the Arc, and into the development of Earth. Each musical composition captures the vibration and essence of the journey in a way that will touch you at the deepest levels. Amir weaves actual passages from Tobias’ original message into each segment and then uses the vibrations of music to take the listener deep into the heart of the story.

Crimson Circle Cloud Class

If you’ve been challenged with feeling the high levels of intense and chaotic energies on Earth right now, this DreamWalk will help you discern what is really yours, and release everything that is not.

Adamus® Saint-Germain begins this beautiful DreamWalk with a discussion about the energy noise that comes from other humans, nature, electronic devices and global events. He points out that you feel this noise, and let it affect your body and mind without discerning where it is actually coming from. Then Adamus guides you into a timeless state where you can actually feel what is yours, and what is not.

On Demand Online
August 8, 2014

Adamus® Saint-Germain returns for an update to the ProGnost workshop held in January 2014. Now that we’re in the second half of the year, we’re seeing the results of the huge energy shifts that occurred in April and May. What’s ahead for the rest of the year and into early 2015? In this ProGnost 2014 Update Adamus will discuss the consciousness shifts and energy trends that will affect global news and individual well-being for the months to come.

Adamus stated that it was time for all Shaumbra to participate, adding that this can be done by volunteeering, sending blessings or contributing financially.; Crimson Circle Angels subscription program is for Shaumbra who wish to provide financial support for the many activities of the Crimson Circle..

Conflicts, Consciousness and Choices

On Sunday, July 27 Adamus® Saint-Germain transmitted a special live message for Israeli Shaumbra. Over the past few weeks Israel had been in deep conflict and battle starting with the rocket mortar fire coming from Hamas factions in the Gaza region. As Israel defended itself against the attacks the battles escalated, cease-fires were violated, and over 1000 Israelis and Palestinians were killed.

Israeli Shaumbra, wanting more understanding about what was happening within their country, requested this special session with Adamus. It was not originally designed for other listeners but afterwards it was apparent that the message is for all Shaumbra, and any aware human caught in the middle of conflict, drama and power dynamics.

On Deman Online
August 9, 2014

Abundance is a challenging issue for many people on the spiritual path. There are strong overlays about money being “the root of evil” and many people have taken vows of poverty in this or past lifetimes as part of their spiritual journey. On a more practical basis, many simply don’t have a financial or business background, and therefore believe that they don’t know how to make or manage money.

In this much anticipated clinic, Adamus® Saint-Germain will help you understand the resistance to abundance, and give you the tools to break through the barriers in order to receive what you need and deserve in your life

A 5-Star Shaumbra Experience
Featuring Adamus, Kuthumi and Merlin!
November 9 – 18, 2014

Join us in November 2014 for a sacred journey to Egypt, one of the most mystical places on the planet. Experience a living book of ancient sites. Mingle with the divine energies. Laugh and sing into the night while floating down the Nile River. Tone in the magical space of the temples. Shop at the markets. It’s part of an experience that is beyond words.

Adamus has personally chosen the theme “Timeless on the Nile” for this Shaumbra adventure. You’ll experience freedom from time, the very element that holds together our human dimension and often causes energy and consciousness to get stuck. With the ancient temples as a backdrop, we will go beyond the limitations and illusions of time in order to meet your Free Self coming from the future.

In Person or Online!
Salzburg, Austria
September 13-14, 2014

The 2014 Shaumbra gathering will be held in Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and has been carefully preserved over the centuries. It is divided by the Salzach River into two parts - the “Old City” and the “New City” and is surrounded by spectacular landscape, lakes, Alpine foothills and mountain peaks. Salzburg's "Old Town" (Altstadt) with its world famous baroque architecture is one of the best-preserved city centres north of the Alps.