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Message Board Guidelines

The Crimson Circle message board is designed to be a safe space for the Shaumbra family to meet and interact with each other. Those who post messages on the board are requested to have read and/or listened to at least some the Crimson Circle Shouds and have a beginning understanding of the Crimson Circle and the Tobias materials. Those who participate here are requested to be familiar with and abide by the posting guidelines (below), whether you completely agree with them or not. Please keep in mind that participation on this message board is a privilege (not a right) offered free of charge by the Crimson Circle and you are invited to participate here from a place of empowerment, compassion, integrity and sovereignty.

This board now has over 5000 active members and readers from all over the world. When writing a post, check in with yourself regarding the following:

  •   Are you in compassion, defined by Tobias as “Total acceptance of what is”?
  •   Are you building up or tearing down?
  •   Would your post be more appropriately shared in private?

When posting, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1.  Write about yourself (not others). At all times keep your expression focused on your own feelings and experiences, rather than the perceived faults, errors and misperceptions of others.
  2.  Please keep posts relevant to the topic or thread that you are responding to.
  3.  Never post or refer to Private Messages or private e-mails without explicit prior permission from the sender(s).
  4. Do not engage in verbal violence such as excessive profanity, disrespect, blame, judgment, name-calling, uninvited psycho-analysis or threats of any kind.
  5. Never post pornography of any kind.
  6. Please do not post with the purpose of creating, eliciting or continuing conflict and/or drama.

    The moderators are here on a volunteer basis and generally work behind the scenes to help the board run smoothly. However, should the need arise, the moderators may move, edit or delete posts (generally after the author has been notified with an explanation), or request the author to edit or delete as necessary. If a user repeatedly ignores, flaunts or disregards these posting guidelines, moderators and administrators may warn, suspend, and/or permanently close the user’s account.

    We invite you to share and participate with an open heart, knowing that you are welcome here.

    To register and participate in the Message Board, click here.

    If you have a question, feel free to email the moderators. E-mail moderator