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The Crimson Circle Staff

The Crimson Circle, headquartered in Golden, Colorado USA, has a staff of 10 dedicated managers to serve the needs of its global audience. In addition to the full-time staff shown below there are numerous associates international translators, web hosts and event hosts, and the webcast production crew.


      Virgilia Aguirre               Alain Bolea                 Bonnie Capelle


         Geoffrey Hoppe              Linda Benyo Hoppe          John Kuderka


         Maija Leisso             Mchelle MacHale         Mary Alyce Owens          Jean Tinder

Virgilia (Vili) Aguirre  - Advanced Studies
Alain Bolea - Management, the Keahak Project
Bonnie Capelle - Customer Service, Angel Program
Geoffrey Hoppe - Co-Founder
Linda Benyo Hoppe - Co-Founder
Leslie Hveem - Studio Events
John Kuderka - Technical Services
Maija Leisso - In-Person and Online Events
Michelle MacHale - Internet Services
Mary Alyce Owens - Business Services
Jean Tinder - Content and Communications