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The Crimson Circle Staff

The Crimson Circle, headquartered in Golden, Colorado USA, has a staff of 11 dedicated managers to serve the needs of its global audience. In addition to the full-time staff shown below there are numerous associates international translators, web hosts and event hosts, and the webcast production crew.

Shown left to right:

Lindsay Yogi - Events
John Kuderka - Technical Services
Bonnie Capelle - Customer Service
Alain Bolea - Management and the Keahak Project
Mary Alyce Owens - Business Services
Linda Benyo - Co-Founder
Geoffrey Hoppe - Co-Founder
Jean Tinder - Content and Communications, Awakening Zone
Suzy Schemel - Monthly CC Meetings
Michelle MacHale - Internet Services

Virgilia(Vili) Aguirre  - Advanced Studies (not pictured)